Motor coach tour bus: photo courtesy of robert mcbeth

Motor coach tour bus: photo courtesy of robert mcbeth

  • Based in Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Professionally-researched and customised tours
  • Breakfast included daily on every North American motor coach tour
  • Family-owned and operated
  • Two professional tour directors per motor coach

 OUR SERVICES:                                                                                          - Group & Motor coach Tours (Ask for Dana & Val)
 - Flight Bookings & Vacation Planning (Ask for Mike, Nicole & Lynn)
 - Cruise Bookings (Ask for Mike, Nicole & Lynn)
 - North Saskatchewan Fishing (Ask for Mike)


A passport is required to enter the USA by any route (including by land), with some exceptions.

- Passports should have at least 6 months of validity when travelling internationally. Make sure your passport and information is up to date!

A comprehensive insurance policy will protect your investment in the case of a sudden illness or death in the family. Rushing home mid-trip for a family emergency, lost baggage or a twisted ankle are all things that can be covered by carefully choosing the right policy.