August 2017 Update

Hello clients and travellers, here is a quick update!

Tours to check out:

Norsk Hostfest 2017

Branson, Memphis, Nashville Music Tour 2017

Southern Belle 2018

Hawaiian Land & Cruise Tour 2018

Maritimes 2017 Tour is SOLD OUT. Thank you for your interest. 

New York, New York 2017 Tour is cancelled for this year.

If you have any questions about Lobstick Tours and travel insurance to go with these bookings, please contact DANA or VAL to talk about them. 

Our other travel agents (MIKE, NICOLE & LYNN) are available to help you book your flights, trips/vacations, wedding groups, travel insurance and to answer additional questions in regards to your travel arrangements that have been made with us. We hope you are having a fantastic summer and look forward to helping you with your Fall and Winter vacation ideas! 

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